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2003 Natural History of Giant Cell Tumour of the Bone

Full text account of progression of the condition in a patient who refused initial treatment Singapore Medical Journal 2003 Vol 44 (7)

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Adamantinoma of the tibia JPGM

Adamantinoma of tibia: a case of late local recurrence along with lung metastases. Filippou DK, Papadopoulos V, Kiparidou E, Demertzis NT Department of Surgery, Kifissia Oncological Hospital Agii Anargiri, Kaliftaki, Kato Kifissia, Athens, Greece. , Greece Journal of Postgraduate Medicine Year : 2003 | Volume : 49 | Issue : 1 | Page : 75-7 Abstract Adamantinomas of long bones are rare primary low-grade malignant tumours composed of cells with epithelial and fibrous characteristics. Local recurrence, though scarce, occurs 5-15 years after the onset of diagnosis. We report a case of local recurrence of an adamantinoma localised in tibia, along with the presence of two lung metastases, 24 years after diagnosis and surgical therapy of the primary tumour. The local recurrence and the lung metastases were removed surgically. The patient remains free of the disease for 3 years. Full text available

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Adamantinoma of the Tibia JPGM

Adamantinoma of tibia (a case report). Journal of Postgradualte Medicine Year : 1985 | Volume : 31 | Issue : 1 | Page : 57-8 Surana SS, Mogra NK, Dube MK, Dhruva AK Adamantinoma of tibia is a rarely encountered neoplasm of dispute histogenesis and variable clinical course. Fischer[3] found the microscopic similarity of the tumor with that of adamantinoma of jaw and labelled it as adamantinoma of tibia. The present case is described because of its rare occurrence. (Full text available)

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Adamantinoma Of Tibia With Skeletal Metastasis

Sandeep Kanakaraddi, T. M. Ravinath, G. Nagaraj: Adamantinoma Of Tibia With Skeletal Metastasis: An Unusual Presentation. The Internet Journal of Orthopedic Surgery. 2006. Volume 3 Number 2. Abstract Adamantinoma is a rare tumour of long bones whose pathogenesis is unknown. It occurs most commonly in the tibia. Although locally aggressive, recurrences are common after resection with metastasis in 10-20% of cases, most commonly to the lungs and rarely to the lymphnodes. In our case a secondary was detected 4 years after resection of primary tumor.

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Fibular Osteoadiposal Flap for Treatment of Tibial Adamantinoma

Acta Med Okayama 2006 Case Report of vascularized fibular graft following resection of adamantinoma.

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