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Continuing Medical Education

ME Müller Foundation - Spain popular

The Maurice E. Müller Foundation-España is carrying out a program for continuing education in Orthopaedic Surgery. We deliver Post-graduate courses accredited by the Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

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Medscape Orthopaedic Conference Centre popular

3 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Medscape coverage of orthopaedic meetings. Reports from recent meetings

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Multimedia Presentations > General

Live Surgical Webcasts popular

Live and on-demand orthopaedic surgical webcasts of new and innovative procedures. Free CME available. Live webcast provide an interactive opportunity to email the OR for an on-camera response by the surgical team.

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OCOSH Classification > Orthopaedic Procedures > Arthroplasty > Replacement Arthroplasty > Knee Replacement Arthroplasty

Knee Society Scoring And Outcomes Resources popular

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The Knee Society rating system was first promulgated during the late 1980's and has become the standard clinical evaluation system for reporting results for patients undergoing Total Knee Replacement. Most major journals strongly encourage that total knee manuscripts include Knee Society rating scores as part of the result section.
The Knee Society System was a logical outgrowth of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Rating system of the 1970's. The HSS system, although widely used, combined an evaluation of both the operated knee and the patient's general function in one score. This at times was problematic. If a patient had no pain and excellent range of motion, however could not walk because of arthritis in the other leg, or from a chronic medical problem, the total score was artificially low.
The Knee Society System separates findings in the operated knee with findings in the patient's function. As such the Knee Score is not artificially affected by comorbid conditions. The Knee Score consists of points given for pain, range of motion, and stability in both the coronal and sagittal planes, with deductions for fixed deformity, and extensor lag. The Function Score consists of points given for the ability to walk on level surfaces, and the ability to ascend and descend stairs, with deductions for the use of external supporting devices.
The Knee Society Score is usually reported as the two scores, Knee Score and Function Score, rather than a summation score. There is, as well, a Knee Society Radiographic Evaluation system, however discrete points are not given for individual parameters on X Rays. Richard S. Laskin, MD

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Organisations and Associations

Official Website Of Indian Arthroscopy Society popular

Website of Indian Arthroscopy Society containing information on new concepts, technology, online forum, etc.

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Orthopedic Industry > Orthopaedic Commercial > K

Orthopedic Industry > Orthopaedic Commercial > L

Orthopedic Industry > Orthopaedic Commercial > M

Medacta International popular

8 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Swiss Manufacturer of Orthopaedic Implants

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Orthopedic Industry > Products

Most Comfortable Shoes popular

10 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

The world's most comfortable shoes, boots, sandals and clogs for men and women. Orthopedic shoes, arthritic shoes, diabetic shoes, custom insoles - most comfortable shoes.

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Orthopedic Industry > Suppliers > Surgical Instruments

Innovative Orthopedic Products popular

9 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

We produce unique design plate and screws, intramedullar nails, external fixator and other required components for orthopedic applications. BlackBar Fixator BlackRing Fixator Double Cable System MiLoc Plates Tube Plates Tube Nails FlexNail

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Patient Information > Knee > Cartilage Injuries

Knee Torn Meniscus popular

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The meniscus is a commonly injured structure in the knee. This guide will help you understand 1) where the menisci are located in the knee, 2) how an injured meniscus causes problems, 3) what can be done for an injured meniscus.

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Patient Information > Knee > Joint Replacement

My Knee Guide popular

My Knee Guide is a free iPhone app and website providing services as an interactive and comprehensive resource for patients considering and undergoing knee replacement surgery.  We provide you with an unprecedented ability to customize your experience.
Simply by providing My Knee Guide a couple of key dates, a personalized and customizable list of calendar events are created. This calendar, created by an orthopaedic surgeon, will present you with timely safety notifications, education, checklists, and surgery specific reminders. This calendar will help you prepare for your surgery and will follow you all the way through your recovery.  My Knee Guide utilizes push notifications or email alerts to keep you up to date. You can also sync this timeline with the internal iPhone calendar.
When you access the “Contacts” section of My Knee Guide, you will see that we go well beyond the typical physician locator. We help you find all the resources needed during knee replacement. This includes hospitals, in-patient rehabilitation facilities, home health care services, medical suppliers and more. We present surveys, ratings, and safety information about these facilities to help you compare these resources and receive the best care. You can find out: what percentage of patients recommend your local hospital, the health inspections rating for the in-patient rehabilitation you’re considering, the percentage of patients who believe their chosen home health care agency communicated well with them, along with much more.
Once you find and choose these resources, My Knee Guide will help you organize them in one central knee replacement address book. You can also customize this address book by importing and exporting from your own iPhone contacts.The Learning center provides educational tools and references for both non-operative and operative treatment options. By utilizing conversational style text, pictures, and videos, you can get a broader understanding of the nature of knee arthritis and how an orthopaedic surgeon can help treat it. The learning center has been created with an emphasis on evidence based medicine, and real world experience.
Have you wondered how arthritis can cause the knee to become crooked or how surgery can correct this?  With our unique x-ray vision center, we present animated images of real patients during their progress from arthritis through knee replacement surgery.  These animations will help you visualize this process as you have never experienced before.
My knee Guide’s extensive checklists keep you organized and informed around the time of surgery.  What questions should you ask when selecting an orthopaedic surgeon?  What do you need to know at your pre-operative visit?  Bring your iPhone to your surgeon’s office and know that you are always prepared.
The Stories section of My Knee Guide allows you to read the experiences of others who have dealt with the difficulties of knee arthritis. It also presents the stories of their recovery and return to life. By posting your own story or comments, you can empower other individuals who are going through this process just like you.
All the medical content in My Knee Guide has been created by a full time practicing, board certified orthopedic surgeon. My Knee Guide was built from the ground up always asking, “How can we help patients during their journey through knee replacement surgery.” Utilizing the unique perspective of an orthopaedic surgeon, My Knee Guide can better educate, organize, and simplify this experience.

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Teaching Resources > Anatomy

Musculoskeletal Atlas of the Human Body popular

Over 70 large clearly labeled basic diagrams of the upper and lower extremities. Each component (as hand, foot, ankle) has several images depicting various muscle layers. University of Washington, Seattle.

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Teaching Resources > Trauma

Named Fractures Eponyms Mechanisms And Radiology popular

4 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

The original Powerpoint presentation from a 4th year Med Student in the USAF has been withdrawn and is replaced by this list

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Universities and Academic Centres > United Kingdom

NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre popular

The National Institute for Health Research Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (NIHR SRMRC) is a national centre for trauma research, taking discoveries from the military frontline to improve outcomes for all patients in the UK.
It brings together pioneering advances in surgery and infection by both military and civilian scientists as well as clinicians to deliver excellence in innovation in a complex area of acute care.
Launched in January, 2011, the centre shares its knowledge gained from treating seriously injured military and civilian patients, with the wider NHS. Based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), the centre harnesses expertise from the Ministry of Defence (MoD), University of Birmingham (UoB), and QEHB and has been funded over five years with a total of £15 million investment.

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