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Dubai Bone and Joint Center (Visit this link)

Across the world, musculoskeletal conditions affect hundreds of millions of people, at a huge cost to society. In the Middle East alone, there are thousands of people who are afflicted with some form of musculoskeletal ailment or other. Up until now, patients requiring specialized musculoskeletal treatment have had to travel to Europe or America for relief. The launch of the Dubai Bone & Joint Center (DBAJ) will change all that. It is closer, more economical and offers world-class treatment and facilities. DBAJ will offer a solid clinical practice coupled with tangible research. It will be the first comprehensive center in the region dedicated to musculoskeletal diseases, delivering high quality medicine, comparable to western standards, providing the latest innovative treatments as well as evidence-based medicine according to international protocols. Practice Website of Christopher G Whately, MD International Member AAOS

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