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Physiotherapy Sports Massage and Nutrition

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Integrated Energy is a therapy centre to promote pain relief and natural healing in both clinical and holistic way. We provide pain management, sports rehabilitation as well as weight management services - Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Sports & Clinical Nutrition. 
All in house practitioners are certified and have experiences in working with athletes, sportsmen and adults of all ages in pain management and health issues with a team of health professionals.  We give full attention individually to deal with the root of problem and address the cause of it.

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Core Concepts Physiotherapy Centre popular

A specialist physiotherapy clinic for musculoskeletal pain including spinal conditions and sports injuries

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*Physioclinic - Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain, Rehabilitation, Preventive Health

Physioclinic - Highest Quality Physiotherapists & Effective Physiotherapy. Call 9639 0509.

Unlike some physical therapy clinics, which only treat the pain symptoms and injury, Physioclinic takes a holistic approach from treatment of pain to maximize performance in daily activities and sports. Based on the understanding on needs of our client’s condition and extensive proven physical therapy researches,  our physiotherapist have developed unique therapy:

1) Advanced Musculoskeletal Pain Treatments (For Neck, Back, Knee, Shoulder, Foot, Muscle Stiffness, Joint problems etc): Pain Treatments, Manual Therapy, Clinical Massage, Clinical Pilates
2) Research Proven Physiotherapy Rehabilitation: Sports Injuries, Neurological (Stroke), Arthritis, Post-Surgery
3) Effective Preventive Health Programs: Weight Loss, Stress Management, Ergonomics, Workplace Health, Spinal Care

Physioclinic is well equipped in a 2 storeys  modern gym facilities and individual physiotherapy treatment room. All our physiotherapists are fully qualified and have many years of clinical physiotherapy experiences. Our physiotherapists are registered with Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Our aim is to take hassle out of your pain, suffering and illness to a fast recovery.
Our physiotherapist work 1:1 with our clients to achieve long-term outcomes to help them succeed in daily activities and sports. We believe that you deserve the best quality physical therapy care available, at a convenient time and place to suit you.

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Sports injury clinic, conveniently located on the doorstep of City Hall MRT.
All therapists are Australian-trained, with a clear focus on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.
You do not have to live in pain - physiotherapy CAN make a difference!

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Physio Solutions - Physiotherapy & Beyond

Get your injuries and pains solved in Singapore at Physio Solutions. We have a team of Australian trained Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists. We don't just treat your symptoms, we get to the root of your pain and address that.

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Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy and Occupational Therapy Clinic in Singapore

Get your aches, pains and injuries solved at Urbanrehab in Singapore. We have a team of UK and Australia trained therapists who don't just treat symptoms, we get to the root problem and prevent recurrence. We don't rush our sessions, and patients are seen one a time, all the time.

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